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Color Street Nail Polish Strips

My experience using Color Street Nail Polish Strips: Product Review

I have a confession to make to beauty bloggers: I have NEVER had a manicure. Yes, that's correct. I've never had my nails done professionally and I wear this (strange) badge of honor with pride. Paying to have a manicure in a salon just seems like a waste of money when I can easily paint my nails at home. So I was thrilled when independent stylist Anne Luckey reached out to me about reviewing some of Color Street's Nail Polish Strips. Super easy nail color that can be done at home? Sign me up!

My package arrived with a lovely note, an instruction card, and 5 pairs of nail strips in a variety of patterns and colors. I was ecstatic to try them out but wasn't quite so adventurous as to pair all of the variety of colors together so I selected two pairs that I knew would match a bottle of my nail polish and decided to use the color strips as "accent nails".

I'll be honest that the nails I painted using my standard polish looked pretty terrible. But the nail polish strips couldn't have been easier to apply and looked so good. I'm not usually this excited by a beauty product but I truly LOVED these little things. I was so excited when I was done that I decided this is the ONLY way I'm doing my nails from now on. Look how beautiful those glitter strips look:

I rarely have my nails done (and actually looking good) so I had to play around a little bit with getting photos. And I couldn't resist adding some donuts into the photo shoot...for artistic purposes only. Not for me to eat. Okay, that is a lie because I ate two donuts in the course of the day. And I'm not ashamed!

If you haven't yet experienced Color Street Nail Polish Strips, I highly recommend you go check them out now. Be sure to shop with Anna Luckey as your stylist using the link below:


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