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Colorista Pink Hair - Before and After

Who else has scrolled through Instagram, lusting after the perfect pink hair of internet models? Just me? Well, if you've ever wanted to DIY a luscious mane of cotton candy hair, read on.

My hair is naturally a dirty blonde which I will occasionally highlight. So I already had a few blonde strands but I really wanted more than just pink highlights. Ideally, I wanted an all over pink hue so I decided to first use the L'Oreal Colorista All Over Bleach. Based on the instructions, this was supposed to bleach a full head of hair to a platinum blonde shade.

I used the entire mixture of bleach and made sure to saturate it all over. I let it sit for 15 minutes longer than the recommended time because I wanted a very light blonde. Well, below is how the "all over" bleach really turned out. It was not as light as expected and was more like highlights. I imagine this was due to my thick, long hair. This may work for others but for me, it just led to a few more highlights than normal.

The next day after bleaching, I used L'Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Color in the PINK200 shade. I followed the directions, saturating my hair with the color. Again, it seemed that my long and thick hair would not work as I ran out of product half way through. I certainly wouldn't have all over pink hair but I thought that it should at least stick to my highlights. For good measure, I left in the color an extra 10 minutes. Here is how the "after" turned out.

Overall, I am happy with the result even though it is not the "all over" color that I wanted. For an affordable, at-home option, I think I definitely got my money's worth. The scattered pink highlights are probably a little more appropriate for every day wear and still give me the change in look that I wanted. I would definitely use the L'Oreal Colorista products again to achieve a pink highlighted look but I think I'd purchase two bottles of the pink dye to fully saturate my long hair.

If you're considering a colorful change to your hair for an affordable price, I'd recommend these products. I hope my tips help you achieve your desired results!

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Alyssa Nicole
Alyssa Nicole
23 de jul. de 2019

If you want to try a color but not commit, you should check the Good Dye Young line. It was created by Hayley Williams of Paramore and the colors are awesome.

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