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Dress Weights Product Review

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

An innovative solution to a windy day fashion issue

I am so excited to share this amazing product with you all. Why? Because I'm sure that I'm not the only gal to suffer windy day fashion issues...i.e. my hem blowing up in the wind.

Since moving to New Mexico 5 years ago, this has been a serious issue for me due to all the windy days we have in the Southwest, especially in the spring and fall.

My previous solution was simply to avoid wearing dresses or tunics on windy days. Which, to be honest, was not a great solution because I love wearing a pretty skirt or dress on any day. So I was ecstatic a few weeks ago when I stumbled across Dress Weights on Instagram. This product attaches to the hem of your favorite pieces to prevent a Marilyn Monroe moment on blustery days.

The simple piece doesn't do any damage to your clothing and can be re-used on various hems. The company even provides a card to attach your Dress Weights when not in use. This keeps them ready to go when you need them. Each set comes with 4 weights, a storage card, and an adorable little bag to keep everything securely stored. The best part? Dress Weights is offering a special coupon code for 15% off and FREE SHIPPING! Just use code CATE15 when ordering at

As an added bonus, I discovered that these solve another fashion problem I encounter during the winter. I love to pair my summer dresses with a cozy cardigan and pair of tights to extend their use through colder months. However, I always end up with my skirt riding up due to the static from the tights. So I decided to add just one of the weights to the front of my skirt and it completely solved this frustrating issue. Seriously, I can't recommend these ingenious little inventions enough!

UPDATED MARCH 2019: Dress Weights has revamped their packaging and storage for this product. They now have a perfect little re-usable case to store the weights when not in use. Just peel, stick to your hem, and then at the end of the day you can attach the dress weights back onto the clear plastic case so they are ready for use the next time. See photos of the updated packing below:


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