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How to Wear Skirts with Sneakers

It's officially a trending style: pairing skirts or dresses with sneakers. So now you can feel free to slip into your comfy footwear and pair it with a flirty a-line.

So are you ready for your first lesson on how to wear your favorite tennis shoes with a pretty frock? Here it is: do whatever you want. Yes, it really is that simple! I've seen dozens of articles lately on how to style the perfect dress with the right pair of sneakers but it all comes down to your own personal sense of style. Just about any type of flat footwear can be combined with any style of dress or skirt for an easy, laid-back look.

You have no doubt seen at least a few wedding photos that featured a bride with a flowy white dress and a pair of converse sneakers tucked underneath. It's unique, pretty, and above all, it is comfortable for a night of dancing and celebrating.

If you're not sure about styling your first sneaker/dress combo, keep it simple with a classic white low-top.

And of course, you can never go wrong with a classic black accessory. Just make your accessory a comfy sneaker.


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