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Self Employed Life: Creating Balance

When you work from home, it can be difficult to switch from "work mode" to "relax mode". Here are some easy tips to keep a work/home balance when self-employed.

When most people hear that I work from home, their first comment is usually a variation of "I don't think I would get much done if I worked from home. I'd be too distracted." Truly, my problem is the opposite of that. For me, it can be difficult to stop working and relax, even when I'm technically at the end of my work day. Thankfully, I've learned some key tricks to force myself to take a much needed break and maintain productivity.

1. Plan a lunch date.

Seriously, it can be that simple. Most people have a set "lunch break" for their jobs and it really shouldn't be any different if you are self-employed. You need the sustenance but more importantly, by committing to a lunch date with friends or family, you will actually take time for lunch rather than snacking as you work.

2. Give yourself a morning "tea break".

If coffee is your thing, then make yours a "coffee break". The important thing is to set aside a few minutes during your morning to step away from the computer and focus on just enjoying a quiet cup of tea, coffee, or other beverage of choice. A few minutes away from your work won't make or break your day but it will give your mind a much needed rest.

3. Read for self-improvement.

This is actually an easy way for me to step away from work for a few minutes because I still feel like I am being productive. Set aside just 15 minutes during the day to devote to reading. It can be a business related pursuit or even just for self-improvement. Either way, you are taking a specific break and are still putting the time to good use.

4. Have an "at home" uniform.

When working from home, most articles recommend changing out of pajamas and into more business appropriate attire when starting your work day. While this may work for some, I find myself doing the opposite. At the end of my work day, I purposely change into my "at home" uniform: comfy clothes, bare feet, and a top knot. This simple change into relaxing clothing takes my mind off work and helps me ease into my time off.

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